Who we are?
Since 1944, Aeronautical Electric Company has strived to provide customers with quality products, excellent customer service, and timely delivery schedules at reasonable prices. Our lead time is typically three to four weeks. Occasionally, a customer may require an earlier delivery schedule which we try to provide through partial shipments.

What we do?
Most of the lampholders, also known as sockets, we manufacture are low voltage with the exception of our 19, 20, 21, and 65 series which is rated 75W-125V and is UL and CSA listed. We also manufacture custom lampholders, terminal boards, wire clamps, and terminal strips. We have capabilities of assembling, drilling, eyeleting, grinding, riveting, sawing, soldering, spot welding, stamping laminates, stamping metals, terminating, and wire cutting.

Who we sell to?
We sell to manufacturing companies and distributors. The makers of construction equipment, games, hospital equipment, industrial machinery, musical instruments, transportation equipment, electronic devices, and others.


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