Indicator Lights

Aeronautical Electric provides high-quality, durable indicator lights. Our technology has stood the test of time and been used in applications in a wide variety of industries for over 60 years. The variations of indicators we provide are our standard Indicator Lights and Midget Indicator Lights. Below, you can find descriptions of each indicator light style. However, if the specifications listed here are different than the configuration required by your application, please contact us about your custom indicator light options.

Standard Indicator Lights

indicator lights

Our standard Indicator Lights, including our 87 Series, are made for an 11/16” mounting hole. Each light comes with your choice of a 5/8” plastic or glass dome lens, either smooth or fluted, which provides 180° visibility. Indicator light lenses are available in red, green, amber, blue, white translucent, and clear colorless. We also produce a ½” plastic or glass lens which is either faceted or smooth convex. Lenses are mounted in a brass nickel finish lens holder.

  • Brass bushing, nickel finish, 11/16”-27 thread
  • Solder or Quick Disconnect Terminals
  • Provided steel and are nickel finish lock washer and hex nut
  • Connecting terminals are 3/16” with radial ends for easy terminal insertion

Midget Indicator Lights

Our Midget Indicator Lights, including our 90 Series, require a 7/16” mounting hole. Each light comes with either a dome or cylindrical lens in red, green, yellow, blue, or white. Midget Indicator Lights are available with insulated glass reinforced polyester housing. They can be provided with T1 ¾ or G2 lamps installed.

  • Brass bushing, nickel finish, 7/16”-32 thread
  • Solder or Quick Disconnect Terminals
  • Brass tin plated with elongated slots, tapered to accept AMP No. 98 taper-tab receptacles
  • Both lock washer and nut are made of nickel plated steel

For more information about our indicator lights, please contact us today.

indicator light
indicator light
indicator light